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Historical Background :

Fighter Controller Training Unit (FCTU) was established on 03 March 1983 to train Air Defence (AD) professionals of BAF. The first organized Air Defence Weapon Controller (ADWC) Course started here on 4 th August 1983. AD trade related courses for Airmen are also conducted here.

Location :

The institute is located at capital Dhaka, just about half a kilometre inside from the main entrance of the cantonment.

Type of Training Imparted by Institution and to Whom

Training on AD is provided to Officers, Cadets and Airmen at their different stages of career. AD and related Allied professional subjects are taught to the trainees depending on the course curriculum and requirements. Synthetic and live interception training is provided to the ADWC cadets and officers.

The Faculty

Experienced instructors trained home and abroad including training on NADGE (NATO Air Defence Ground Environment) conduct classes here. The highly professional officers of ADWC branch conduct the subject of primary profession, ie, Air Defence System and practical phases that includes synthetic and live interceptions. Air Defence Weapon Controllers of high career profile, having outstanding academic fit, are posted as instructors at this institution. The specialized officers of concerned branches conduct other allied subjects as part time instructors.

The Courses

Course Name Duration Frequency
Basic ADWC Course 26 weeks Twice in a year
Radar Operator Basic 36 weeks Three in two years
Radar Operator Advance course 36 weeks Three in two years
Senior Trade of FCO 21 weeks Twice in a year
Aircraft Recognition 01 weeks Requirement basis
Mobile Observer 02 week Requirement basis

Training Curriculum

Officer/Cadets’ Course Theoretical.      Theories of Air Defence including Air Defence detection, control and weapon system, Air Traffic Control, Navigation, Meteorology, Aero-Dynamic including theory of Flights and Aero-Engine are the theoretical subjects taught.

Practical.      Air Defence Control procedure, Radar Operation Cabin familiarization, Computer, Synthetic interception in simulator Workstations and Live interceptions are the practical training conducted here.

Non-Commissioned Airmen Theoretical.      Theories of Air Defence including Air Defence detection, surveillance, data handling and identification procedure, Air Traffic Control assistance, Geography, Navigation, Meteorology, Theory of flight, Electronics, Engineering drawing and other allied subjects.

Practical.      Data handling (Telling, plotting and recording) and identification procedure, Radar system familiarization, Computer, and related Air Defence network tasks.

Selection Criteria

For Basic ADWC Course
Minimum 2nd division Bachelor in Science/equivalent; selected in Bangladesh Air Force as Cadet and Commissioned in ADWC branch.

Flight Cadets/Officers of Flying/Navigation branch suspended/separated from flying duties are also selected for ADWC branch.

For Radar Operator Basic
2nd division in Secondary School Certificate with math or equivalent standard are selected in BAF as recruit and passed out as airman in Radar Operator Trade.

Airmen are selected for Fighter Control Operator (FCO) trade in RTS and after successful completion of training they pass out as AC-2.

Radar Operator Advance Course
After completing 5 level On the Job Training, airmen from radar operator are selected for this course.

Senior Trade Course for FCO
Airmen of FCO trade in the rank of Sergeant are eligible for this course.

Training Aid


FCTU has modern and fine equipment and suitable instructors. Its Admiral Radar Controller Simulator (ARCS) is fully computerized and has 12 workstations. Each station can simulate 250 ac, a good number of airfields, weather, 4 Radar stations under ECM and ECCM condition. A controller can practice GCI as many as he can conduct simultaneously and the FCOs can practice reading, recording and surveillance duties. With the ability of programming facilities, pre-defined scenario can be programmed and recorded. Exercises can also be displayed on the screen. Simulated AD battle and players syndicate presentation on defence logic can be practiced here. BAF authority is actively considering integrating of war-gaming system in this institution and that will enhance its training capabilities further.

Class Room Training support

Students in Simulator Class

International standard Classroom and Training Support equipment including computer based projection facilities are available.

Extra Curricular Activities

FCTU has a resourceful library having professional, technical, and miscellaneous books numbering around 2000, and latest defence magazines and journals. Educational visits are conducted in between the courses at different concerned organizations and installations that are beneficial for the concerned courses. Other extra curricular activities are also carried out.


Local BAF Base provides accommodation. For foreign students, an international standard accommodation is available in the BAF Officers’ Mess, Dhaka.

Training of Overseas Students

34 student officers and 23 airmen from Kenya, Srilanka and Malaysia so far attended the courses at FCTU.


FCTU has already earned a high reputation in training officers and men from different foreign countries and sister services of Bangladesh. The institute is enhancing its capability, standard, and facilities to meet any future challenges.