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Flying Instructors’ School (FIS) is one of the most prestigious training institutions in BAF. It conducts the professional course named as Flying Instructors’ Course (FIC). After graduating from this course, pilots achieve QFI (Qualified Flying Instructor) qualification. FIS, BAF has already earned international reputation.

View of FIS Building

Number of pilots from foreign countries got their QFI qualification from this institution. The newly constructed building with air conditioned class room and crew room, full fledged training aids, and well experienced instructors have made unique training environment in FIS.

Historical background

FIS was established on 01 October 1976. It was initially located at Dhaka and later on relocated at BAF Base Matiur Rahman at Jessore. On its inception FIS used to impart training on Air Tourer aircraft and subsequently it switched over to PT-6 aircraft. FIS is capable of conducting the FI course for 20 students together. Till today, FIS has graduated a good number of flying instructors which includes the officers from various countries.

Location and Weather

FIS is located at Bogra. The highest temperature in summer goes as high as 40°C, but for a short period and the lowest temperature in winter goes as low as 6°C but again for a short period.

Selection of Trainees

 Students for the FI course are selected on the basis of the following criteria:

Fighter Pilots :

*   Operational and Element Leader with minimum 300 hrs of grand total flying.
*   Should be recommended by the Officer Commanding Squadrons.

Transport Pilots :

*   Operational and Categorized Captain/Co-pilot and minimum 500 hrs of grand total flying.
*   Should be recommended by the Officer Commanding Squadrons.

Helicopter Pilots :

*   Operational and Categorzed captain and minimum 500 hrs of grand total flying.
*   Should be recommended by the Officer Commanding Squadrons.

Duration of the Course :

Flying Instructors’ Course is of 24 weeks duration; 08 weeks for the academic training and 16 weeks for the flying training.

Academic Training :

Duration of the whole 08 weeks, following subjects are covered :

*   Instructional technique.
*   Aerodynamics.
*   Aero-Engine.
*   Airmanship.
*   Meteorology.
*   Navigation.
*   Instrument.
*   Aviation Physiology.
*   Aviation Psychology.

Flying Training Phase :

In the 16 weeks of flying phase, each student carries out about 72 hours of flying in PT-6 aircraft. During the flying phase, they are tested on different aspects of flying. These are:

*   Mid Instructional Technique Test.
*   Instrument Flying Test.
*   Formation Flying Test.
*   Final Navigation Test.
*   Final Handling Test-1.
*   Final Handling Test-2.

Pre-Flight Briefing

Instructors’ Suitability Training :

Instructors’ Suitability Training is conducted to find out the instructional potentiality of each student. For that each student officer is to conduct the following :

*   01 X Phase/Long Pre-flight Briefing.
*   18 X Short Pre-flight Briefing.
*   02 X Class Room Lectures.
*   03 X Student Assignment.

Award of Certificates and Trophy :

Certificates are awarded to all trainees on completion of the course, and ‘Mofiz Trophy’ is awarded for the best all round performance.

Accommodation :

All student officers are accommodated in the Officers’ Mess. Single/double room is allotted to them in Bachelor Officers’ Quarters (BOQ).

Conclusion :

The Flying Instructors’ Course conducted in FIS, BAF is very demanding and of high standard. This has also been opined by the instructors from Central Flying School, UK who do visit this institution in almost every alternate year and carry out evaluation on the standard of FI course and the staff instructors opined that the standard of instruction and other curriculum followed in FIS are of international standard. With the prevailing facilities and the presence of experienced instructors, FIS has been able to ensure the quality of training.