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Historical Background

Mechanical Transport (MT) Driving School came into being as an independent Institute in March 1998 after shifting from Training Wing to Shamshernagar. Since then the School has been conducting courses from its present location.


MT Driving School, BAF is situated at BAF Care & Maintenance Unit Shamshernagar under Kamalgonj Upozila of Moulvibazar district.

Type of training imparted by Institution and to whom

This School conducts driving courses of Basic, Advance and Senior Trade Management of Mechanicl Transport Operator (MTO) trade and Basic Driving course of MTM and Provost Trades of BAF.

Training curriculum

The training consists of theoretical, simulated and practical phases. It also includes General Service Training and Edn classes as per the syllabus approved by Air Headquarter.

Selection criteria

As desired by Air Headquarter.


01 X trainees’ barrack for total 40 trainees is available. At present, accommodation for the trainees is inadequate, but new accommodations are on the way.


After came into being as an independent Institute, MT Driving School BAF is producing a better quality of MTO as it has got adequate MT vehicles for practical training.

Training Program:

Ser No Name of Course Course Duration Course Started CTTB Exam Held Planned Dt of Completion Total No of Trainees Remarks
a. ST MTO-33 15 Wks 08 Jan 17 20 Apr 2017 14
b. TTB-09 39 Wks 29 Jan 2017 26 Oct 2017 62 Including 02 X Navy Pers