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Historical Background :

Officers’ Training School (OTS) is a unique institution in Bangladesh Air Force entrusted with the responsibility of imparting basic professional training to all ground branch officers, except the officers of Air Defence Weapon Controller branch. This institute was established on 24 July 1980 at BAF Base, Chittagong now Zahurul Haque.

Initially the school started working within a limited area of responsibility. It started with the basic professional training of the officers of technical branch only. Gradually a few basic courses for the officers of non-technical branch were included numbering 08 branches except Education and Air Traffic Control. Later on, these two branches were also brought under the training purview of this institution. It became a full-fledged training institution in 1985. The school shifted to its present location at BAF Base Matiur Rahman, Jessore in the year 1990.

Location :

The institute is situated at the southwest corner of Bangladesh. This place is well connected with the capital by air and road. The average temperature of this place is 30°C in summer and 20°C in winter.

Type of Training Imparted by the Institution and to Whom

OTS conducts basic professional training. Officers after commissioning can directly report to this institute for undergoing training. Current duration of training is for a period of 31 weeks for technical courses & that for non-technical is 23 weeks. Normally following courses are conducted by OTS:

Technical Courses

*   Aerospace Technology Course.
*   Avionics Technology Course.
*   Armament & Photo Technology Course.
*   Logistic Course.
*   Initial Forecasting Course.
*   Air Traffic Control Course.

Non-Technical Courses

*   Admin Officers Course.
*   Education Officers Course.
*   Legal Officers Course.
*   Financial Management Course.

Besides Bangladesh Air Force officers, some officers of Bangladesh Army and few from other countries were also trained in this institution.

The Faculty

The training activities are divided into the three Squadrons:
*   Technical Training Squadron.
*   Non-Technical Training Squadron.
*   Academic Training Squadron.

Instructors are posted to different Squadrons with a good professional, academic, instructional background and field level experience as per the training requirement.

Faculty members are having more than 8 to 10 years of service experience. Some of the instructors had undergone higher-level professional courses at home and abroad.

Number of Trainee

The institute is capable of imparting training to 12 to 15 students per course at a time. In one or two courses the number may be increased to 20.

Training Curriculum

The training curriculum of OTS includes:

Common subjects

*   General Service Training.
*   Presentation by Student Officers.
*   Computer Training.
*   Training in Language Laboratory.
*   Mechanical Transport Driving Practice.

The training curriculum of OTS (branch wise) includes:

*   Aerospace Technology Course.
*   Avionics Technology Course.
*   Armament & Photo Technology Course.
*   Logistic Course.
*   Forecasting Course.
*   Admin Officers Course.
*   Education Officers Course.
*   Legal Officers course.
*   Air Traffic Control Course.
*   Finance Management Course.

OTS has the facilities of a Library, a standard Language Lab and different training labs such as, Aero Engineering Training Laboratory, Mechanical Transport Training Laboratory, Armament & Photo Training Laboratory, Communication and Electronics Training Laboratory and Air Traffic Control Simulator Laboratory.

Selection Criteria

BAF ground branch officers are taken directly as trainee officers after commission from BAF Academy. Fresh cadets can also undergo professional training if agreed by Air Headquarters.

Extra Curricular Activities

OTS conducts following extra curricular activities:

*   Education Visit (2 visits).
*   Presentation by Student Officers (One presentation by each officer).
*   Familiarization and Practical Training at different Base (for a duration of 4 weeks).
*   Physical Ttraining/Games/Sports and Physical Efficiency Rating Test.
*   Cultural Programme, Social Evening & Dining-in-Night.
*   Project Work.


All officers are accommodated at the Officers’ Mess, BAF Base Matiur Rahman. Messing facilities are also provided from the Officers’ Mess. Necessary transportation is also provided from the Base as and when required.

Conclusion :

OTS is having an excellent training environment to impart basic professional training to all ground branch officers except officers of Air Defence Weapon Control branch. It has well-experienced and dedicated instructors & staff to impart qualitative training.