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Command Safety Conference

1. 42nd Command Safety Seminar of Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) was held on 06 February 2019 in ‘Falcon Hall’ Dhaka, organized by Directorate of Flight Safety, BAF. Command Safety Seminar is held once in a year. Over the period of time, safety Seminar have played instrumental role for establishing a safety culture in BAF. 42nd Command Safety Seminar highlighted BAF safety performance by reviewing flying hours, accidents and incidents for the year 2018. It also featured sharing of knowledge, safety ideas and discussion by representatives from BAF.

2. Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Masihuzzaman Serniabat, BBP, OSP, ndu, psc graced the occasion as the Chairman. Principal Staff Officers, Air Officer Commanding of different Bases, Directors of Air Headquarters, Officers and Airmen from different bases/units attended the Seminar.

3. The Seminar was divided into two sessions. Upon arrival of the Chairman, the 1st session started with recitation from the holy Quran followed by opening address by Air Vice Marshal Ehsanul Gani Choudhury, OSP, GUP, ndu, psc, Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Plans). Then, Directorate of Flight Safety gave a presentation on BAF Flight Safety Issues and performance for the year 2018 through statistical representation and analysis of different occurrences. Air Officer Commanding of all BAF bases spoke on various activities pertinent to flight safety and achievements for the year under review. The session ended with the presentation of keynote paper by Wing Commander Muhammad Mustafiz Hasan on ‘Rescue Capability of BAF to handle a Major Air Crash and Safety Issues’. His presentation generated lots of interest and quarries among the audience. The 2nd session started with Directorate of Flight Safety review of the minutes of the last seminar, discussion on agenda items and open discussion.

4. Towards the end of the seminar Chief of the Air Staff (COAS) handed over the “Khademul Bashar Inter Sqn Flt Safety Trophy” to FIS BAF and “Inter Base Flt Safety Trophy” to BAF ZHR for the yr 2018 for their achievements. COAS also handed over the ‘Special COAS Commendation’ certificate to the aircrew and maintenance crew of 18 Squadron BAF in recognition of outstanding achievement for safe flying and maintenance over the years. In his closing speech COAS stressed upon maintenance of safety by all means. He reminded all, ‘Safety is Discipline and Discipline is Safety’. He also emphasized on the requirement of training and urged all to raise the safety issues always. Then the Chairman explained the ‘Ten Dictums’ with appropriate examples to all (Attached to this article at the end). Finally, at 1630 hrs the Chairman closed the seminar by expressing BAF mission statement, “Attain Full Spectrum Operational Capabilities in a safe manner and with zero accident”.

5. Opening Address by Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Plans) and the Closing Speech of COAS are available in the following links:

* Opening Address by Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Plans)
* Closing Address by Chief of Air Staff, Bangladesh Air Force



* Plan the flying and fly the plan.
* Respect elements of weather and terrain.
* Know the person who works on your machine.
* Avoid potentially unsafe situations rather than to get out of them.
* Strictly follow SOP, Orders and instructions. Do what is documented and document what you do.
* No flying activity without comprehensive briefings and debriefings.
* There is no place for shortcuts, complacency or unnecessary risk taking.
* If in doubt – “abort” is better option than “press on”. Fly another day/time.
* Rehearse the emergency drills – BOLD FACE ones into the instinct and instill them in mind.
* Know the aircraft, the equipment and environment; add yourself to be safe.