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Disaster may be termed as an event that impacts with such severity that the affected community has to respond by taking exceptional measures. Disasters may take many forms, and occur as a result of events, both nature and those induced by man. However, BAF as an organized force, have to be ready in all aspect to overcome the impact of disaster.

Bangladesh is a developing country faced with several natural disasters every year. Yet the people of Bangladesh have learnt to live with struggle and hope. They are strong, resilient and proud, forever fighting the elements of natural disaster. The nation has always been looking forward to the Armed Forces to stand beside in any disaster. Bangladesh Armed Forces for its command structure, trained manpower, capabilities is always in a better footing to make the fastest response in the hour of need.

The Role of Bangladesh Air Force in a Disaster

Pre Disaster Stage:
  • Preserve all up-dated charts of coastal areas, offshore coastal islands and disaster prone areas. Maintain up-to-date list of airfields and helipads.
  • Promulgate standing order for the safety of aircraft, equipment, establishments and response to assist civil administration at their need.
  • Promulgate warning signal to all concerned.
  • Keep all transport aircraft and helicopters in readiness for emergency flights.

  • During Disaster or Emergency Stage:
  • Keep a constant watch over cyclone/flood situation.
  • Furnish any additional meteorological information gathered through own resources to supplement the information of Weather Department and provide same to the concerned authorities.
  • Keep all transport aircraft and helicopters ready for flight, if weather permits to undertake the rescue operation and to assess the damages due to cyclonic storm.
  • In case of flood, assist and help civil administration in conducting air drops of food and relief goods for affected people.

  • Post Disaster Stage:
  • Carryout aerial survey of the cyclone/flood affected areas, assess nature and amount of damages and report findings to the Armed Forces Division.
  • Evacuate casualties to nearest hospitals.
  • Provide transport air craft/helicopter sorties for survey/visit of high Government official, Journalist, Ambassador and other concerned personnel to the affected areas.
  • Carry essential relief supplies especially food and drinking water to the affected areas and air-drop the same, if required.
  • Assist civil administration, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society and other important agencies in carrying essential relief goods, medical stores and medical team to the inaccessible areas by helicopters.
  • Supplement the existing civil wireless network by the Bangladesh Air Force wireless and Radio Telephone links for transmission of important operational messages.
  • Perform any other task assigned by the government.