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Enlistment SOP for Suppliers


Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) procures spares of different types of aircraft and radars directly from the competent foreign principal suppliers to meet priority requirement. Supply Directorate in the Air HQ maintains a list of such competent foreign suppliers. Before giving a purchase order to any of such suppliers, tendering is done by sending tender specifications with terms and conditions to all enlisted relevant foreign firms/suppliers. Therefore, for participation in such tenders, suppliers are required to make their firms enlisted in the Air HQ. The details of the procedure (SOP) for enlistment as a supplier in the Air HQ are stated below :

a.     Aim :    The aim of this procedure is to ensure transparency and simplicity so that genuine competent suppliers/firms are encouraged to get their firms enlisted in the Air HQ.

b.     Submission of Application for Enlistment.   For making their firms enlisted in the Air HQ, the competent and interested foreign firm or his local agent is to submit an application (in plain paper) along with following supporting documents/information to the Supply Directorate, Air HQ, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka, Bangladesh:

(1)     Documents in support of the foreign firm’s identity, competence, experience, area of interest (i.e. for which type of aircraft/helicopter/radar and in which type of job they are interested to participate).

(2)     Contact address with full name of the firm, postal address, telephone number, fax number, website address, email address.

(3)     Bio data and 3 copies of recent photographs of the executive (Proprietor/Chairman/ Managing Director/Executive Director/ Director) of the foreign firm.

(4)      Local Agent :   A foreign firm may or may not have a local agent in Bangladesh for his enlistment as a supplier and subsequent participation in tenders. However, if he (the foreign firm) has a local agent then he must mention the name, address and other details of the local agent. It may be mentioned that the foreign firm must not have/appoint more than one local agent to deal in the same area of interest or the same field of technology. Following documents/information of the local agent are to be submitted with the application:

(a)     The owner of the local firm (Local agent) is to be a citizen of Bangladesh. Bio data, Nationality Certificate, National ID no and photocopy of the national ID card, 3 copies of recent photographs of the person (may be Proprietor/Chairman, Managing Director, Executive Director or Director) who will be enlisted as the local agent. Educational qualification certificate of the local agent in case he is an educated person.
(b)     Authorization certificate of the foreign firm/principal to act as their local agent.
(c)     Contact address with full name of the firm, postal address, telephone number, fax number, website address, email address.
(d)     Copy of updated trade licence and indenting licence.
(e)     Local firm’s Bangladesh Bank Registration Number.
(f)     Local firm’s TIN number with income tax payment certificate.
(g)     If the local firm is a partnership firm then the Deed of Partnership with bio-data, photographs, national ID certificates of partners.
(h)     A certificate that the firm is not barred with any embargo/restriction from doing business in DGDP/ any other govt organizations during submission of application.

c.     After receiving an application, scrutiny of the submitted documents/information is to be carried out in the Supply Directorate. During scrutiny of applicant’s paper by Dte Sup, opinion from Splt Dte will be sought. If everything is found in order then Supply Directorate is to write to Provost Marshal Directorate or Directorate of Air Intelligence (as applicable) for the security clearance of the local firm. If the firm is security cleared, then Supply Directorate is to process a note (highlighting suitability of the applicant’s case for enlistment) to get the approval/disapproval of the competent authority (COAS). The note is to be routed through the concerned splt dte. After approval/ disapproval of the authority, Supply Directorate is to act accordingly. In any case, whether approved or disapproved, the applicant is to be informed in writing about the end state of his application.

2.      Exemption from Submission of Application : In case of a Principal Supplier who already delivered/supplied to BAF a major equipment like aircraft, radar or other system through DGDP may be enlisted as a supplier automatically (i.e. without his submission of an application) for supplying the spares of the equipment he supplied.