Government accorded sanction for raising of Ministry of Defence Constabularies (MODC) in three separate MODC Units viz MODC (Army), MODC (Navy) and MODC (Air) vide ministry of defence letter no-18/4/D-1/IS/73 dated 23 January 1974. The MODC (Air) has been raised for specific function of guarding Air Force installations. The recruitment, training, rank structure, administration, leave, pay and allowances, scale of clothing, accommodation and rationing are guided by Govt order.

Recruitment :

Candidates will be selected by open recruitment through advertisement in the daily news papers, Examination & interviews will be held to select suitable candidates for enrolment as MODC (Air) in Bangladesh Air Force.

Age :

a. Candidates on the date of enrolment must be between 16 and 21 years of age. Chief of Air Staff may, at his discretion, relax the age limit of a candidate up to six months.

b. The correct age of a candidate (MODC-GD & Clk Trade) is to be determined from the date of birth as given in the SSC certificate.

c. Guardian and Character Certificates: The candidates for enrolment will have to produce their parents’/guardian’s willingness certificate and a character certificate in the prescribed form.

Nationality :

A candidate must be a bonafide citizen of Bangladesh.

Marital Status :

A candidate must be unmarried.

Educational Qualification :

Educational qualification will be SSC pass/equivalent for both GD and Clk Trade.

Physical standard :

a. Minimum height -172.72 cm / 5'- 8''

b. Minimum chest measurement - 30''- 32''

c. Weight - As per age and height.

d. Eye - 6/6

Condition of Ineligibility :

Candidates of the following categories are ineligible for enrolment as MODC (Air):

a. Dismissed/discharged/removed from Army/Navy/Air Force.

b. Dismissed/discharged/removed from government service on disciplinary grounds.

c. Persons whose employment in government service have been forbidden.

d. Convicted in a court of law for any offence, involving moral turpitude or awarded imprisonment for any criminal offence.

Training & Course :

a. MODC (Air) recruits will undergo a disciplinary training for a period of 24 weeks. On successful completion of the training, they will be given initial rank of Sainik after due attestation.

b. According to the rank, MODC (Air) pers will be attend the following promotion cadre course:

Name of Promotion Cadre Course Duration of Course
Sainik (MODC) to Lance Corporal (MODC) 12 Weeks
Lance Corporal (MODC) to Corporal (MODC) 09 Weeks
Corporal (MODC) to Sergeant (MODC) 08 Weeks
Sergeant (MODC) to Warrant Officer (MODC) 07 Weeks
Refresher Course Warrant Officer (MODC) to Senior Warrant Officer (MODC) 06 Weeks

Rank Structure :

Rank Structure of MODC (Air) with equipment ranks in Bangladesh Air Force is given below:

MODC(Air) Personnel BAF Personnel
Master Warrant Officer (MODC)(MWO) Master Warrant Officer (MWO)
Senior Warrant Officer (MODC) (SWO) Senior Warrant Officer (SWO)
Warrant Officer (MODC) (WO) Warrant Officer (WO)
Sergeant (MODC) (Sgt) Sergeant (Sgt)
Corporal (MODC)(Cpl) Corporal(Cpl)
Lance Corporal (MODC)(L/Cpl) Leading Aircraftman(LAC)
Sainik (MODC) (Snk) Aircraftman(AC)

Duration Of Svc :

Initially candidate will enrolled in BAF as MODC (Air) for 23 yrs and duration of svc will be increase according to promotion. The Duration of svc is given below:

Rank Duration of Svc
Sainik (MODC) 23 Yrs
Lance Corporal (MODC) 24 Yrs
Corporal (MODC) 26 Yrs
Sergeant (MODC) 27 Yrs
Warrant Officer (MODC) 30 Yrs
Senior Warrant Officer (MODC) 32 Yrs
Master Warrant Officer (MODC) 35 Yrs svc or 07 yrs as MWO which come earlier

Pay and Allowances :

Pay and allowances will be admissible as per joint service instructions promulgated by the government from time to time.

Medical Treatment :

The rules contained in the regulations for the medical service of the army will apply to MODC (Air).

Accommodation and Conservancy :

MODC (Air) personnel will be entitled to free accommodation and conservancy services in accordance with the prescribed scales decided by Bangladesh Air Force.

Ration :

MODC (Air) personnel will be entitled to free ration. If services in kind are not provided, MODC (Air) personnel will be entitled to allowances in lieu thereof as laid down from time to time. Other entitlements during the service will be as laid down from time to time.

Pension/Gratuities/Disability and Family Pension:

Pension/gratuity/disability/family pension will be admissible in accordance with the rules laid down from time to time by the government.

Clothing and Equipment :

MODC (Air) personnel will be entitled to free/loan issue of clothing and equipment as per existing policy.